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Our Printable HTV is the best heat transfer out there! It has a semi-gloss finish and is very vibrant, easy to weed and adheres to fabric like a dream!


Recommended: Medium Tack Magic Mask for transfer of design to garment.

*One complimentary Medium Tack Magic Mask is included with each patterned heat transfer vinyl order. 


If you need more than one sheet included in your order, they are available for purchase.


We've done all the work for you. Weeding and mask already done for you.


HTV Application Instructions: Use a squeegie rub it all again as with shipping Heat or cold in transit may loosen the bits.  Then just Peel design from backer.


11-12 inches for adult, 

6 or 8 " for kids (you get 2 transfers in kids sizes)


Apply design at 300 F with medium pressure for 20 seconds

Peel mask from design while hot. These can be used on any type of cloth. No more limitations.


Always Pre-Press your shirt for 5-10 seconds to get the moisture out! 
Remember that the sizing on all transfers may differ depending on the designs.  

Machine wash inside-out using mild detergent.
Do not use bleach. Dry at a normal dryer setting on household machines. Do not dry clean.

I'm Flippin' Fabulous!

  • Ready to go! 

    Just Peel design from backer.

    Apply design at 305 F with medium pressure for 15 seconds

    Peel mask from design while hot.

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