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Enchanted Makers & DIY'ers Inner Circle

 VIP Members only Group -Facebook

I am so excited you are here. Now is the best time to join us.

3 1/2 years of content you can start learning right away.

Plus our newly launched Monthly goodie box options included with your monthly membership which includes shipping!


Hello there my friend, ready to get CREATIVE!

Our maker's and DIY'ers group is where you can come and learn about all things crafty with encouragement and help along the way with each new tutorial, without judgement.

We use wood, epoxy, Mica's and a variety of paints. Furniture, home decor, Mixed media, gift items to floral (Fresh and Silk) and more. Business advice, for craft shows, art shows, retail space or your own brick and Mortar. Pinterest, etsy, ebay advice. Webpage advice.

What are you waiting for ?

This is the group that has it all !

We can't wait to meet you ! 


Time to get creative !

Reasons to join: 

Newly added box kit each month. Filled with goodies.

  1. A wooden kit or wood flat pieces for Mixed media tutorial.

  2. One of our new patented Enchanted Designer Furniture, Multi-surface Appliques.

  3. Plus a few other surprises, may be brushes, glitter, paint, etc.

  4. Also, working on our new line of stencils and molds, when ready these may also end up in your monthly box.

You will learn so many things in this group that you would have to join 5 groups to get what you will learn here. 

Meet new people, support each other.

Community not competition is the way we roll !

Advice or help is always available.

Challenges, Giveaways and contests.

Business advice for craft, art shows and brick & mortar stores.

About me: As a creative, I like to do things outside the box. Way different than what you learn from anyone else. My techniques are mine alone from years of experience in the Painting (13 years) & Floral Industry (28 years).

I am a sponsored artist for:

Promise Epoxy

Plaid Products

Products I love and use when teaching!

Some of these items can be found on our webpage as well, otherwise I will give a link in advanced to things I will be using.

Prima Products

ProMarine Supplies Epoxy

Glass products

Eye Candy Mica's

UV, fluorescent and glow Mica's

Glass (Mixed media)

Gorgeous foils & our specialty adhesives

T-shirt/Textile Graphics

Sublimation Transfers- T-shirts, cups & koozies, etc.

I also custom cut wood, for wood inserts, signs, wooden kits and Our NEW embellishments.

We do wholesale as well as retail.


I also do Lichtenburg fractal burning on wood & wooden boxes (custom orders, will soon integrate this into our shop)

Click the Join us here below to sign up for this group and get ready to create some amazing items for your home,

for craft shows or gifts. 

Pricing: With all the tutorials in the group, 3+ years of content

 Yearly plans, you get one month free!

 If you want to get the box kit each month that comes with one wooden kit as well as one of our new Appliques then the second options below are 85.00 a month.

The yearly price saves you 85.00 for the first year.

This is the VIP option where you get a monthly box with a wooden kit that I will teach in the group, A furniture Decal or Wall art decal. All things will be used in the group and taught in the group only.

 Once you sign up you can begin learning right away.

As a member you get 20% off all Wood that we cut, decals, wraps, glitterbursts, T-shirt transfers and embellishments.

Refer a friend that signs up receive $100 amazon gift card.

Ready to join us on your journey to being more creative.

Choose Whatever option fits you best below.


Once you have signed up for our VIP Members only group. Please click the link below and answer the questions to join us in the facebook group where all the magic happens.

There are no refund of any membership fees should you decide to leave our group. If you choose to leave you can cancel at anytime just do so prior to that months payment.

Please read and follow all group rules or you will be subject to removal without warning or refund. Positive vibes only.

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