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Challenge from Live 3-11-19 Unicorn Spit Giveaway


Prize is 1 full set of 8 oz Sparkling Unicorn Spit.


You will receive a package jammed packed full of wood cuttings to use in your mixed media project, some of these may be bare wood some may be painted, in which you can just paint over them for your project. You have to use these wood cuttings and then whatever other products you choose. 


Pictures will need to be shared on my Facebook business page under the announcement I will put on there on the 1st of April. I will choose a winner on the 2nd of April. Value of 1st prize is 108.00.  We will also be giving away a few wooden kits.


View live for more info.

Challenge from Live 3-11-19 US Giveaway

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