Exciting news & New Launch.

We are excited to share with you our new VIP cup Turner/ mixed media boxes. Each month you will receive a box full of gorgeous things that you can use either on your cups or on your mixed media projects. This is definitely a game changer, a simple sticks our air regress so they're breathable and there's never a bubble it can be lifted gently and replaced back down on your surface. The card is open for the new VIP cup Turner and mixed media box until January 5th.

If you have ever wanted to step outside your comfort zone and learn things such as repurposing furniture, media art, stenciling and a variety of textures and tips for all things home decor as business, etsy and art shows and vendor fairs. Then our Enchanted Makers and DIY'ERS inner circle is the place for you. There is over 2 years of content already in the group. You can begin learning right away. Giveaways & Guest artists are also apart of the fun in our group. There are two options for our VIP private membership group. One is entry into the group to learn all of the things. The second option is a box kit that comes each month and in that box is one wooden kit as well as one large applique, stencil, paints or whatever I am teaching for that month. Any questions, send us a message. The cart will close on January 5th at midnight also.

We look forward to seeing you on the inside. You won't regret joining.

Have a blessed day and be well.

James & Inga

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