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This is a complex Design, with many small white bits that will need to be weeded.


Please be advised that some designz may be a complex design and the white bits on some are tiny and you will need to have patience to weed them. If you are having a hard time weeding one, place it on the cup and then weed it off the cup. This makes the ones with many little bits way easier to weed.


Our designz are printed on a large printer on special paper, they are breathable with sticky backs. You can apply to cups, glass, wood and so many other things.


Very thin and with the breathable material you won't have any bubbles. If you happen to get a bubble (it happens) lightly lift up a corner and gently pull up to get to the area where the bubble is, then gently lay it back down on your surface. Lighty rub on on the simple stick design to get good a good seal on the design to your surface.


Keep in mind sizes will be Height & Width in proper porportion to the design. Choose your largest size for the height or width for this design.


** If its wider than it is taller. Your size will be the width.

** If the design is taller than it is wide, your design will be the height.


Message if you need another size.


******If its a special size I will put the sizes here. For example A 2" tall design but 9" wide. I will always list special sizes.



Native Turtle and Feathers Dream Catcher

  • Weed your design removing all white pieces. Turn design sideways to make sure you are to actually remove some of the inner bits. Some of the white bits will not be weeded. You can also run your fingers across the design, you can feel where the machine cut it. After you weed it, Use medium mask transfer tape for on top of the design to make it easy to see where you need to apply it to your item.  If you should get a bubble, Gently lift up the vinyl until your reach the bubble area, then lay it back down on your surface. Lighty rub on the simple stick design to get good a good seal on the design to your surface. Then proceed with designing your cup, epoxy, crystals etc.

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