This material is a heat pressable adhesive I use this with foils I sell. Makes it a ton easier when applying foils to shirts, table clothes etc. Opens the doors wide open for those with a cricut or silouette or cutter. Heat press or Iron. Cool peel.


Once cut you weed what you don't want, Place glue side down on your article and heat press on 300 for 8-10 seconds. Pull off carrier sheat (clear sheet). Place your foil on, Press again for 8-10 seconds. Let it cool, then peel it off.  You have to let it totally cool before peeling off the foil. If you are using several colors place them all at the same time by cutting them down to the size you need and heat press all at once. If you heat foil a second time it removes some of the shine. 


Available in 2 sizes


17"x36" Or 17"x180"

Enchanted Designz Double sided Adhesive for foils

2 sizes
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