Epoxy Safety and Protecting your body.

Hello everyone, Its Thursday 10-25-2019 and its gloomy outside. After receiving some news from one of my members in my membership group I thought it time to definitely get more info out there about being safe while using Epoxy or Resin.

You see they all say they are safe or non-toxic. They are until you mix the two components together. The catalyst does become airborne and well, without ventilation, Gloves and a mask this can effect your health. They are toxic once mixed together!

My advice for staying healthy while using epoxy or resin.

1. Wear several sets of gloves. When you dirty a pair you can take them off and still have a clean pair on and continue working. Time is everything while working with Epoxy or Resin.

****** IMPORTANT -- If you get it on your skin. Stop now and go wash it off with soap and water only. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL.

2. A 3M full face mask is recommended. It not only protects your lungs but it protects your eyes and nose membranes from the airborne catalyst of epoxy and resin.

3. VENTILATION- I know most of us are strapped for a space for pouring resin or epoxy. Here's the thing. Epoxy and Resin stay toxic for 12 hours at least until they are fully cured. Best case scenario. Have a place, ie shop, spare bedroom or basement area where you can do your epoxy or resin pour but be able to close the door and walk away while it cures. No matter where you do your projects with epoxy or resin, you must have fans going and window's open.

4. Long sleeves. I can't tell you how many times I end up with epoxy on my arms, elbows or in my hair. It happens. Wearing long sleeves will help keep it off your skin.

I for one have been using epoxy and resins for over 5 years. I have never had a reaction to any of it. The thing is, from what I have seen and heard. Sometimes, your body just says enough is enough and you have a reaction when you aren't taking the precautions to keep your body safe.

The scenario I like to use. You wouldn't spray oven cleaner in your oven then go in there to wipe it all out without wearing gloves right. NOPE because you know its toxic. Makes you cough and will burn your skin. Well Epoxy and Resin are the same. They are a foreign and airborne toxic product that can affect your health if you don't take safety steps to staying healthy.

The thing is once you have a reaction to it...you will always have a reaction to it. You will be limited when using it in the future and will not be able to touch it without wearing a full space suit and mask. So before you become so reactive to epoxy and resins. Do everything to protect yourself and your body. Stay safe and healthy and make it so you are able to enjoy using epoxy or resins for years to come. I have read that some who have become affected by epoxy and resins because they weren't taking safety measures. Most can NEVER use it again !! I would be devastated if this happened to me.

This is my first blog and ya know. Its probably one of the most important ones I have and will ever write. I care about you all and I feel its my job to make sure you are all properly informed since I do teach a lot of Epoxy techniques. Your lives and health are important to me ! Make it your priority to make it important to you by being safe when using epoxy or resins.

I love you all and I appreciate you for taking a minute to read my first blog. Now go make something amazing and be sure to share it on our facebook page. I love seeing what you all make, especially if I had anything to do with it. https://www.facebook.com/EnchantedWoodDesignz/

Have a fabulous weekend ahead, and know if you ever have a question about Epoxy or Resin. Please reach out to me. I am here for you always.

Inga <3

Amazing things come from Epoxy. Just use it correctly and take care of your health while using it.

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