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Classic Kids Wooden Horse Shoe sets

Pine, Wood, Paint


This is your typical classic wooden horse shoe set. This is no other product out there like this. It’s all handmade right here in the USA.


This Horse shoe game sets come with 2 Horse shoe stands (size 12" tall from the base and base size is 5 1/2 x 5 1/2), 3 Red Horse Shoes and 3 Blue Horse Shoes. (6 Horse shoes total and size is 4x4 each shoe.)

The wooden horse shoe set is made out of pine and pine plywood.

This is great for children to practice with and can even play inside or outside. Don't be fooled by the size a game of mini-shoes can be just as challenging as the big kind.

➤ Includes 8 Pieces (2 stands, 3 red horseshoes and 3 blue horseshoes

➤ Made out of pine

➤100% Made in the USA

➤ Each Classic Children’s wooden horse shoe set set is unique

➤No assembly is required.

➤ This horseshoe set is great for kids learning to play horseshoes

➤This horseshoe set is great to get for kids for those backyard bar-b-q’s with family and friends.

➤ This product is one of Enchanted Wood Designz best-selling products to date. Your Children will love this once they get their hands on it and start playing.

Kids Wooden Horse Shoe sets

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