Kid safe - Wood, Pine, Bamboo, Jute Cord, RubberBow and Arrow Target set


Fully functional toy bow and arrow toy archery set that can shoot the arrow 30-40 feet. The bow is made from bamboo while the middle (hand grip and arrow guide) is made from pine. Ends are wrapped with a jute cord, and the quiver is made from pine. The bow and arrow comes with 3 arrows with rubber tips for safety.


The bow measures 32 ½” in length and the quiver measures 21” in length including the arrows. The bow and arrow makes a great youth starter set or costume item. The bow does shoot a projectile.


ITEM DETAILS➤ Includes 5 pieces (Bow and Arrow, Quiver and 3 Arrows with Rubber Tips)➤ The bow measures 32 ½” in length➤The quiver measures 21” in length including the arrows

➤ Each bow and arrow set is unique

➤Made from Bamboo, and pine

➤ This bow and arrow set is great for kids learning archery and target practice

➤This Bow is great for kids beginning to bow hunt.

➤ This bow and arrow set is shipped within 48 hours.


This product is one of Enchanted Wood Designz best-selling products to date. Your Children will love this once they get their hands on it and start playing with their new Bow and arrow toy set.


Keeps the kids busy and works on hand eye cordination. 


Customization available


Can engrave childs name on Keil (Arrow Holder) 2.50 extra

Bow & Arrow-Rubber tips - Customization available


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