Creatives Inner Circle

DIY & Business Coaching 

Business Coaching - Creatives Inner Circle.

Business Coaching on a facebook private page membership group.  This group isn't just for creatives, It is for anyone who needs help growing their business no matter what you do. 

We will cover:

  •  Licensing & Insurance

  • Webpage Design

  • Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter

  • Growing your following

  • Turning customers into your friends

  • Membership groups

  • Marketing yourself & your brand

  • Live Video training

  • Video Courses

  • Etsy, Ebay, Amazon

  • Diy Crafters - Craft shows

  • Brick & Mortar

  • Want to get there faster ? We offer One on one consulting. This includes many things, from Sharing your computer to show you step by step to set up a webpage, an etsy shop, your business facebook page, whatever your needs are we can help you get it going.

Contact us for rate.



Here you will find video courses on all of the above and then some.

Videos where you can take your time and learn what you need to do to be successful and profitable.

The video descriptions and images of what will be taught can be found on a password protected page and also in the facebook group that is for members only.

If you have something you wish to learn and don't see it here, please send us a message.

We want to be sure to assist in all interests.

We will be launching these courses in Sept. 2018.

Be sure to sign up for notifications on our facebook business page here:




Join our fun page where you will also see free video's of techniques for painting.








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Getting our videos together.
If you have things you want to learn be sure to send us a message. Thank you.
Veteran owned & Operated.
We support our troops.
Camo Dresser
One of the many techniques you will learn.
Older dresser brought to life.
A few amazing techniques to be taught here.
Peacock Dresser
Several old pieces found in the junk pile, married together to make this fabulous girl.
Kitchen pantry
Old cabinet brought to life with bright colors, matching hardware and screen. Isn't she lovely.
Deer table
This piece was made and raffled off at an Event for Veterans in our local area.
Vintage Dresser
She was beat up and abused, until we cleaned her up and gave her new life.
Stunning Bench
An old bed frame, some cedar and some leather from an old couch brought this beauty to life.
Georgia Bench
Old bed frame, some old lumber pieces and a Georgia flag made her sweet as a Georgia Peach.
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