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There will be 2 different KID FRIENDLY kits each month. These kits will be shipped to you for your child to paint and put together (Some of these kits will require a parents help, Glue and top coating over paint.  I will do Live DIY video of these kits sometimes with my Grandson Lucian who is 5 yrs old in the live video painting with me.  Occasionally there will be 3rd kits & giveaways. You can do it your way with your child or You and your child can watch my video and see how I do it and paint and assemble with me.

The Monthly cost also covers shipping will sometimes include certain child safe paints !!

I will do the DIY video's for each kit on the Saturdays in the afternoon. If you miss it you can always go back and watch it later, on The Enchanted DIY Creatives Club members only group on facebook is where you will be invited to view these video's. This group is only for Active Members of the Enchanted DIY KIT CLUB for Kids & Adults. There will be Kids kits on Saturdays & Adult kits on Sundays.  Extra kits can be purchased.

DIY Kids Kits Club

  • I would suggest going to a local craft store to purchase Kids safe paints mayde by crayola. There are 15 fabulous colors and they come in 2 oz bottles and are very inexpensive.  For glue for you the parent to use to glue the kids together. We suggest Quick hold or Seal all. Do not use super glue. If the item suffers a bump or a hit to the floor it will break or come apart. With the Quick hold or Seal all this will not happen. 


    Always seal (Spray topcoat Outside) your childs project after painted and assembled. I sometimes do this prior to assebling it for better coverage.


    I will be selling the Crayola kid safe paint on here on my webpage as well as Quick hold & Seal all. (these are not safe for kids to use by themselves)


    Please contact me if you have any questions.

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