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DIY Kids Kits Club

Our DIY Kits for Kids KIT CLUB will give you and your child the opportunity to create their very own projects. Crafting with your child or allowing your child to be creative is wonderful and has Physical Benefits. Painting, drawing, cutting and pasting all help to develop fine motors skills in young children, which in turn helps them to be writing-ready as they near school age. As children get older, creative activities will help further develop their fine motor skills, as well as their hand-eye coordination. 


They learn to think and act as artists, makers and designers, working creatively and intelligently. They develop an appreciation of and engagement in art, craft and design as critical consumers and audiences and an understanding of its role in the creative and cultural industries that shape and enrich their lives.  Most important of all the quality time with Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa, etc.


There will be 2 different KID FRIENDLY kits each month. These kits will be shipped to you for your child to paint and put together (Some of these kits will require a parents help, Glue and top coating over paint.  I will do Live DIY video of these kits sometimes with my Grandson Lucian who is 5 yrs old in the live video painting with me.  Occasionally there will be 3rd kits & giveaways. You can do it your way with your child or You and your child can watch my video and see how I do it and paint and assemble with me.

The Monthly cost also covers shipping will sometimes include certain child safe paints !!

I will do the DIY video's for each kit on the Saturdays in the afternoon. If you miss it you can always go back and watch it later, on The Enchanted DIY Creatives Club members only group on facebook is where you will be invited to view these video's. This group is only for Active Members of the Enchanted DIY KIT CLUB for Kids & Adults. There will be Kids kits on Saturdays & Adult kits on Sundays.  Extra kits can be purchased.

These video's will remain in the private group, after your subscription month ends. The group members will change as only members will remain the following month who have paid for that month.

Those who purchase the yearly plan will have access all year to the Club members only group & special giveaways that will only be available to them.

With the yearly plan you will learn much more from me monthly other than just the kits. There will be video tutorials of different paint products and techniques to include large furniture pieces, pours, Epoxy +. 

Some of these kits will be available without the monthly subscription with different pricing and shipping costs and will not include any giveaways or DIY Video tutorials unless you are in the group already and see the video for that particular kit.  Some kits come with instructions.

Once you purchase the membership for the month you will be sent a link for the facebook group.

We look forward to meeting you and your child.