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Where you will come to learn in the comfort of your own home.

Are you a beginner and just not sure where to start or just don't have the confidence to get yourself going, well I can and will help you with that.

This boot-camp will help guide you in many ways with several different types of Projects all for beginners from start to finish.


Work at your own pace, come back and watch each video over and over. Ask questions in a stress free private facebook group.

Learn how to do it like the professionals do. 

Want to take your re-purposing/painting, craft or hobby to a whole new level ?

You will learn to Sand, Paint, white wash, glaze, antique, stain, repair and seal furniture with many different products, most that can be bought at your neighborhood craft store, hardware store or online.

You will also learn best practices tips and trips for mixed media projects. Taking old things you have laying around and making them an amazing piece of art.

Jewelry & mold making.

Epoxy & Resin

This will be for beginners and will last for 4 weeks.

Each week we will concentrate on a different projects.

Week 1 - Prepping & Repairing furniture

Week 2 - Furniture, layering Paint

Week 3 - Antiquing, Staining and whitewash.

Week 4 - Jewelry, Molds Epoxy and Resin

Some of this may mix with each other in different lives on different weeks, but you will still be learning it !

Boot-Camp will close on midnight Sept 14th and the tutorials will begin Sept 15th with a few lives each week  as well as some recorded videos with tutorials.

All questions are welcome, please ask. 

Price includes a Swag box with some goodies for you to begin your Journey with us. 

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